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X96 air Vs H96 max x3

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  • Stumbled upon H96's advertisement
    By : Jessica On 04/14/2020

    I just watched a couple of your youtube video about the Android tv boxes. I didn’t know what these were before! lol. Pretty stinkin cool.

    Replied by : China Tv box On 04/14/2020 Which youtube video are you watching

  • Amlogic s905x3: Is better X96 air or H96 max x3?
    By : Luke On 03/20/2020

    I have one last question. Is better X96 air or H96 max x3? (or if you have other better TV box with about 50 €) Thank you always and congratulations for your great work

    Replied by : China Tv box On 04/09/2020 No better, they just have some differences, the shape is different, buy according to their hobbies

  • All products are from China, everything is fine except there is no OTA function
    By : Collins On 01/10/2020

    Their configuration is similar, the design of H96 max x3 is bolder, and the logo is very attractive. See personal likes, I have never found the company website of X96, but the website of H96 company is easy to find.